Visit the Bike NY State Exhibit at Bike Expo New York!

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Post By: jwilson
Posted On: April 7, 2015

There are many New York State residents who have never visited New York City, and metro-New York City residents who have yet  to travel to (and bicycle in) the other 57 New York State counties. These confirmed megapolites are missing an exciting, peaceful, scenic, cultural, rural, and urban tour/travel/pedaling experience in 54,556 mi² /141,299 km². That’s a lot of geography to roll tires on!

Bike Expo NYBC TableIt is possible to travel to the farthest reaches of New York State using a combination of public transit and your bicycle! Just like traveling in Europe, Asia, or Latin America! You don’t need a passport! You don’t need to take off your shoes. No need to go through a scanner! On May 1st and 2ndI Love NY / Bike NY State will be at the Bike Expo New York to get everyone the information, bicycle maps and resources they need to plan their next New York State bicycling adventure.

Thousands of miles/kilometers of roadways and trails are perfect for bicycling in New York State. All State maintained highways have a 4-10 foot (1.2-3.0 meter) paved shoulder, white stripe delineated from the motor vehicle lane. Yes, it is legal to bicycle in the lane but oh so pleasant to pedal on the shoulder. Of course you should always bicycle with traffic and follow all the other rules of road.

Bike Expo NYCThis is a great opportunity to learn more about exploring the state by bike! Visit the Bike Expo New York on May 1st and 2nd in the waterfront Basketball City in Manhattan. The I Love NY / New York Bicycling Coalition’s Bike NY State exhibit will be at Booths 706 & 606, so come by to pick up free bicycling maps and tourism information about the people, culture, attractions, and businesses that appreciate bicyclists visiting their villages, towns, and cities!

Harvey Botzman, New York Bicycling Coalition and I Love NY staff will be at the Bike NY State exhibit booths 706 & 606 to answer your questions & provide you with wonderful information. See you there!