Manual Physcial Therapy Associates

Manual Physical Therapy Associates takes the time to listen and understand the difficulties you are experiencing. They will treat you with respect and as a partner in the treatment process. They believe in communication between patient and therapist is a key component to your getting well.

Their priority is that you understand your diagnosis and the methods of treatment. They encourage questions and feedback.

In addition to experiencing an alleviation of pain, limited motion, stiffness, or achiness, you can be assured they will discover and treat the cause of the problem(s) you are having. Diet, exercise, and stress management are important parts of achieving and sustaining health. They can offer you education and information to help you make any needed lifestyle changes.

Their physical therapists, Rob and Matt, have more than 11 years of experience providing Manual Therapy. Both have completed extensive continuing education in the theory and application of hands-on osteopathic manual technique. Rob and Matt are dedicated to leading healthy and active life-styles.

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