Sharing The Road...With Turtles?

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Post By: jwilson
Posted On: May 8, 2013

Submitted by Paul Winkeller, NYBC Board President

This is the second time in, oh, ten years that I have encountered a turtle on New Scotland Road South, which runs between 443 and 85 in Albany County, yet another lovely upstate county in which to ride a road bike (actually mountain bikes, too).

This time, though, I was flagged down by a frantic women in a car who yelled PLEASE PLEASE THERE IS A TURTLE ON THE ROAD CAN YOU GET IT OFF THE ROAD PLEASE!!!!! And off she zoomed.

I must have encountered this particular turtle’s grandfather or grandmother that first time – and that one snapped at my bike shoe. So this time I used my front wheel to slide the little girl (or fella) off the road.

Hey, at least the woman wasn’t calling me names or questioning my presence on HER road!

We are making progress. And yes, the tortoise (bikers) always beats the hare (cars).


Please tell us about your strange on or off road bicycle / animal encounters!