Community Bike Shops

NYBC wants you to learn more about the growing number of community bike shops across New York State.

Community Bike Shops (AKA Bike Cooperatives or Bike Collectives) are organizations (typically run by volunteers) that provide free or low-cost access to used or recycled bicycles, parts, and the tools that you need to make repairs to your bike and/or build yourself a bike.  Many community bike shops offer educational programming to teach you repair skills. Each shop is unique in terms of what programs they offer and how they run them. Most depend on donated bikes and bike parts, safety equipment, tools and other donations to keep the lights on.  Many shops have programs that serve youth and people with limited incomes.

We encourage you to get to know and get involved with the Community Bike Shop(s) and related bike repair programs in your region – these organizations are essential to getting more people to ride a bike as well as making NYS safer and more enjoyable to ride.

NYS Community Bike Shops:

Albany Bike Rescue (Albany)

Bikeatoga (Saratoga Springs)

Electric City Bike Rescue (Schenectady)

Friend’s Bike Clinic (Ithaca)

Go Bike Buffalo’s Recycle-A-Bicycle program (Buffalo)

OP Community Bike Program (SUNY Cortland)

R Community Bikes (Rochester)

Recycle-A-Bicycle (New York City)

Recycle Ithaca’s Bicycles (Ithaca)

Time’s UP (NYC)

Troy Bike Rescue (Troy)

Utica Bike Rescue (Utica)


Resources & Information:

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Community Bike Shops are Changing the Face of Cycling in America (BikePortland.Org, 2012)