Tourism: Promoting Biking in NYS

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Post By: justinsmith
Posted On: May 13, 2016

For the fifth year, the New York Bicycling Coalition (NYBC) was at Bike Expo New York, which is America’s most-attended consumer bike expo. At the expo in New York City, we encouraged more than 60,000 attendees to visit locations throughout upstate New York.


NYBC board member Theresa Bowick and friends at mile 20 of the 5 Borough Bike tour which takes place right after Bike Expo.

We represented more than 30 New York State county tourism promotion agencies, one statewide private campground organization, and five bicycling events, and we encouraged attendees to “Bike NY State!” Our decades of experience riding throughout New York State allowed us to provide great advice and tips to everyone we talked with while distributing travel and bicycle touring materials.

Tourism has enormous economic importance in New York State. In many small towns, it’s crucial to ensuring the survival of small businesses. Bicycle tourists love to spend money on visiting attractions, eating in restaurants, purchasing farm products, buying items at New York State’s many festivals, and generally participating in bicycling events outside of where they live.

We look forward to continuing to encourage NYC bicyclists to travel throughout the entire state on the scenic low trafficked rural roads to visit small villages and moderate sized cities with fantastic historic sites, farms, wineries, breweries, and participating in music and art festivals, as well as the more than 240 bicycling events that occur across New York.

The “Bike NY State” exhibit will continue promoting bicycle tourism and general travel in New York State by bringing it to major bicycling events in the mid-west, Atlantic seaboard, and Canada.