Pedal-Powered Progress in NYS: August Highlights

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Posted On: August 27, 2015


Because we’re all busy folks, highlights help keep us up to speed – enjoy these majestic bicycle morsels from around New York State! Please send us developments from your city, town and region (links, photos – the whole shebang) and we’ll try to fit it all into these monthly updates which we’ll post near the end of each month.  Email [email protected]


The Ol’ 9-to-5

Have any job openings you want to advertise? Let us know!


The Greenback Track

  • NYBC launched a mini-grant program to help advance the bike movement in New York State! We will be awarding grants from $200 to $2,000. For more details and to apply…


Equity Explorer

  • What do bike lanes, racial equity, and economic equity all have in common? Quite a lot according to a new report, “Building Equity: Race, Ethnicity and Protected Bike Lanes”, by PeopleforBikes. Read more…


Advocacy Advances

From Central NYS

  • Advocates in Syracuse call for more bike lanes. Read more…

From Western NYS

  • Advocates from western New York and across the State gathered in Buffalo to hear Bill Nester, V.P. of programming for the League of American Bicyclists (LAB), explain the importance and benefits of participating in the Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC) program. The gathering was organized and facilitated by GO Bike Buffalo and it highlighted Buffalo’s pedal-powered prowess and growing number of impressive achievements. Read more…
  • What happens when two of your
    Roll for Respect Jamestown

    Some awesome members of the Women on Wheels Jamestown group. The photo is from the Facebook page of the Women on Wheels Jamestown.

    friends are seriously injured in a car crash? Well, if you’re these awesome women in Jamestown, you organize the Roll for Respect and ride to support them while bringing awareness to distracted driving and the need to improve a dangerous section of road that should have been addressed years ago. We tip our helmets to the Women on Wheels Jamestown who are fighting the good fight!

From NYC

  • Advocates and officers met and rode together to discuss issues in Chinatown. Read more…


Facilities Fever 

From the North Country… what’s happening in the ‘dacks

  • A new multi-use trail from the Tupper Lake train depot to uptown Tupper Lake will be opening soon! Check out these photos…

From NYC

  • Citi Bike is growing! 90+ stations are being added to Long Island City, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bedford-Stuyvesant by the end of August. There’s also a $25 discount on the annual membership for people signing up for the first time (Hurry, the discount is only available until Aug. 31) Read more…

From the Capital District

  • Work on the Albany County Helderberg Hudson Trail continues to progress at a fast pace, and schedules seem to be holding as the countdown to the official opening starts. Check out photos from the project…
  • The very first publicly accssible FixIt station in the Capitol District was installed in Troy thanks to the work of folks from the Troy Bike Rescue! A FixIt station is a bicycle repair stand complete with all the tools you need to easily perform many bicycle repairs – and a bike pump! We tip our helmets to the folks at Troy Bike Rescue for helping to make this happen. Watch this video to learn more and see a demonstration…

From Western NYS

  • The Tonawanda Rail Trail breaks ground!


Business is a Boomin’

Across NYS


The Program Jam

From NYC


Culture Collective

Slow Roll Buffalo

A photo taken at Slow Roll Buffalo earlier in the week. Over 1,000 people joined the ride. The photo was shared by GO Bike Buffalo on Facebook.

From Western NYS

  • Slow Roll Buffalo keep going and growing! This is an awesome weekly ride that’s making headlines in Western NYS. Find out more…

From NYC

  • Elizabeth Barkan, creator of “Bike Shop the Musical”, is back with her new production, “Bike Shop A New Musical” from Sept. 12 to Sept. 27! For more details…




Research & Studies

From the Capital District

  • As the City of Albany contemplates whether to spend a little extra money to install and maintain its first protected bike lane on Madison Avenue, new data from the NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) brings home the true cost of bicycle crashes in Albany. Read more here…


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