NYBC's Exec. Dir. says "Thank you!"

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Posted On: March 5, 2013
E/D Brian Kehoe to resign –urges advocates to maintain momentum for 
better transportation across NY
Two plus years ago I assumed the helm at NYBC and what an exhilarating ride it has been since!  In January 2011, our beloved 20-year old ‘go to’ organization for statewide bicycle advocacy was in need of new ideas and energy. NYBC’s Board and staff dug in and got to work, framing an ambitious Strategic Plan and work program.

We jumped right into the issue du jour – passing a long stalled statewide Complete Streets Law. The campaign was successful due to combined efforts of many smart, savvy and supportive individuals and organizations. We all banded together again on key issues like access for bicyclists across bridges and formation of a bicycle-pedestrian friendly federal transportation law. By mid-2012, we formalized our cooperation as “New Yorkers for Active Transportation“, and have been rocking ever since.  Together we have tapped networks, pooled resources and gained access hitherto denied to us separately. The lesson is clear – the whole of the active transportation movement is far stronger than the sum of its disparate parts and only by working with other stakeholders can bicyclists achieve equity on the streets in their communities.

Being E/D at NYBC was an a professional and personal honor – it’s the best job I ever had that kept me up all night! Mostly I am grateful to have shared the work with YOU. Every day I was inspired by the commitment and skill of citizen-activists throughout NYS.  I was honored to bear witness to the common aspiration for bicycle friendly communities shared in Manhattan, Niagara Falls and hundreds of hamlets, towns and cities in between.

YOU are New York’s Bicycle Movement.  Stay engaged because what we have is hard-won and often threatened.  Bicycling is, in many circumstances, and for many people, the best and most desirable form of transportation. NYBC is yours – empower it, support it, push it – because New York needs NYBC to succeed! Delve into the wealth of resources at our website. Peruse our exciting Events Calendar, our Facebook.  Visit us at an upcoming event in your community. Attend our landmark Winning Campaigns Training or schedule an NYBC workshop.

Become a cherished NYBC member and strengthen our voice to fight for your rights!

Thank YOU for your continued work and see you on the road!

– Brian Kehoe