Thank you again for your time letting us know what was important to you!   The lucky winner of a $150 gift certificate to her favorite bike shop is Susan Pitely.    We are glad we asked you these questions!  While it will take a while (552 responses out of 5,000 requests) if you provided us with an email you will be hearing from us.   A  overwhelming and positive response indicates that folks around the state care about and are paying attention to what NYBC is up to.  Of course you pay attention – you ride a bike!
So here some highlights:
1)  Responders were 3 to 1 male to female and we need to do something about that.  Trends suggest women are riding in increasing numbers and we need to find out why and welcome them to the NYBC paceline.
2)  Biggest percentage of members call themselves commuters.    Road riders dominate but nearly 20% call themselves mountain bicyclists.   We need to do a better job of aligning the interests of all types of bicyclists.
3) By far biggest reason for contacting NYBC is to support legislation but reflecting our growing focus on bike based tourism accessing maps and information about tours are next in line.
4)  Developing traffic laws favorable to bicyclists and pedestrians was head to head with helping communities develop better infrastructure.
5)  3′ Safe Passing is by far the most popular NYS Legislative campaign while legalization of e-bikes is the least.
6)  Over 90% support the idea of DMV having a mandatory bike-ped question in the car license exam and kudos to the leadership of that agency for proposing a bill this session to do just that!
7)  Over three quarters  are interested in our expanded CycleNY ride series in 2017.   Stay tuned for more information this spring.
8)  80% indicated Bikes On Board Amtrak is important – we have been at the center of this campaign, now partially won, for over two decades!