NYBC Report proposes increased bike-ped safety investments

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Post By: jwilson
Posted On: May 17, 2012

May 18, 2012        NYBC is proud to announce publication of an innovative report entitled Bicycling and Pedestrian Safety: A policy proposal to align costs associated with crashes involving bicyclists and pedestrians to investments in transportation planning, design and construction

Bicycling and walking  account for approximately 15% of travel in New York, yet account for a much higher percentage of medical costs resulting from traffic accidents. NYBC’s newly published report, written by NYBC Board Member Ivan Vamos employs two data sets to compare the costs of investments in bicycle and pedestrian safety against the costs of crashes involving these modes. He concludes that New York’s investments in bicycle and pedestrian safety do not reflect the medical costs imposed by frequent bicycle-pedestrian accidents. Prevention via investments in bicycle-pedestrian safety would be far less expensive than treating people struck by motor vehicles.  The report urges the NYS Department of Transportation to adopt a “clear responsibility” to address related safety issues. In addition, existing “complete streets” mandates in State Law must be integrated into transportation planning, design and construction. NYBC heartily endorses the policy recommendations of this innovative report.