New York State Department of Transportation Launches Complete Streets Website

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Post By: jwilson
Posted On: May 8, 2013

Photo of a bike lane and crosswalk at an intersectionOn the heels of the Complete Streets Act signed into law in 2011 by Governor Cuomo, the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) has launched a website that outlines Complete Streets principles for citizens, government officials, and other interested parties.

New York Bicycling Coalition applauds this long-awaited first step towards implementing the Complete Streets Act across the state.  For many years NYBC championed the passage of this statewide law – persuading legislators to support the bill, negotiating with those concerned about the bill and mobilizing advocates across the state to speak up for the rights of bicyclists to safe and comfortable access to our roadways.

The new website highlights the many benefits of Complete Streets and provides detailed information on planning, funding, and design guidelines required for the implementation of complete streets in New York State.  Notably, the site links to several municipalities across the state – such as Bethlehem, Malone and New Rochelle – that have adopted their own local complete streets resolutions. These local policies often go above and beyond state-level requirements, and demonstrate the growing recognition throughout New York State that, wherever possible, roadways must strive to serve all users.

The creation of this website is an important step in conveying the importance and potential of this recent legislation, and will serve as a much-needed starting point for use in understanding the benefits of complete streets, as well as where the niche that Complete Streets occupy within the planning process.

The New York Bicycling Coalition is committed to supporting widespread and robust implementation of local and statewide Complete Streets policiesNYBC recommends that local officials, advocates, and other concerned citizens utilize this website as a resource in their efforts to encourage the implementation of the State’s complete streets legislation in their own communities.

Making Complete Streets a reality in New York requires the participation of everyone who uses and relies upon the transportation system.  NYBC encourages everyone with an interest in bicycling and walking to provide DOT with your ideas for “Completing the Streets” in your community.  Check out our Bicycle Advocate’s Toolkit, which provides tools and resources for promoting Complete Streets in your community.   Then take action by sending your comments to DOT at [email protected].

NYBC will continue doing our part by working with decision makers to ensure that the Complete Streets law is effective and advocating for equitable funding for Complete Streets with our partners in the New Yorkers for Active Transportation coalition.  Together we can work to increase opportunities for safe and convenient bicycling and walking in New York’s cities, towns and villages.