New Bridge Bike Ambassador and NYBC Partner with Bike Tarrytown!

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Post By: NYBC
Posted On: June 27, 2017

NYBC has periodically acted as fiscal sponsor for local bicycling and pedestrian organizations that are in the early stages of development.  We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with Bike Tarrytown and Dan Convissor.

We have been talking for a while to Dan Convissor about his volunteer efforts to “prepare” communities on both sides of the magnificent New Bridge for the opportunities (and challenges) the 12’ wide shared multi-use path. The path will provide increased bicycling, walking and destination tourism as a part of a new, complete bridge, to be named after Mario Cuomo

If you are an NYBC member who lives in or around the lower Hudson Valley and plan to use this three mile long muti-use path once it opens, please fill out this survey about keeping this bike walk corridor opening 24/7 (question #8). Without 24/7 accessibility to the path, it will not be able to effectively serve bicycle commuters, and the Thruway Authority needs this feedback to make the right decision regarding this critical issue!