New Bike/Ped Advisory Committee Resource

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Post By: jwilson
Posted On: February 5, 2013

Working from different sides of the policy table, advocacy organizations and bicycle and pedestrian advisory committees (BPACs) both help guide decision makers toward better outcomes for bicycling and walking. A new Advocacy Advance report discusses the benefits and responsibilities of BPACs in the process of planning and implementing bike- and walk-friendly policies and projects.

Written by Matt Wempe, the League’s State and Local Advocacy Coordinator and Advocacy Advance team member, Making Bicycling and Walking a Norm in Transportation Agencies: Best Practices in Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees is available now. Click here to download the report.

Earlier this month, the Alliance hosted a Mutual Aid call on Building Effective BPACs (see the Resources Library for the call recording and notes), and Matt was a panelist on that call as well. This is the report he referenced throughout the call, and this resource shares best practices and case studies to continue the conversation around institutionalizing bike- and pedestrian-focused input in the planning process.

View the report and other resources from Advocacy Advance at