Major NYS Bicycling Events Calendar

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Posted On: March 5, 2015

Individual Bike Tourists Tour Erie CanalHarvey Botzman, compiler of the 2015 NYBC/Cyclotour Guide Books “Major NYS Bicycling Events Calendar” reports the Calendar lists 197 major bicycling events as of February 28, 2015. This number of events represent 70% of the events listed in 2014.

Since 1988, the last League of American Bicyclist’s GEAR Rally co-sponsored by the Rochester Bicycling Club, Harvey has been compiling the Major NYS Bicycling Events Calendar. At that time, there were only 25 major bicycling events, but have since become major sporting events. It is particularly important to note in 2014, every New York State “I Love NY” tourism region had at least 3 major bicycling events. Similarly, every New York State Regional Economic Development Council Region had at least 3 major bicycling events.

To estimate the value of 2014’s major bicycling events to New York State’s economy Harvey has added each event’s basic registration fee and basic fund raising amount. He then multiplied these dollar figures by the the total number of an event’s participating bicyclists. The 279 major bicycling events contributed approximately $41,286,914.00 to New York State’s economy. More than 242,297 bicyclists participated in the 279 major bicycling events.

The chronological list of major bicycling events in New York State is available for viewing at and The NYBC web page has a event self entry system but it is best to also send Harvey,[email protected] an email with your event’s information. NYBC Director Peter Thomas maintain’s the Calendar on the NYBC web site and he likes to put an event’s logo or poster on the NYBC’ listings.