Join NYBC and Help Make Biking and Walking Safer in New York

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Post By: Laura
Posted On: June 25, 2018

New York State ranks #1 for pedestrian deaths and #4 for bicyclist deaths according to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration’s recently released revised versions of its 2016 Pedestrian Traffic Safety Fact Sheet and 2016 Bicyclists and Other Cyclists Traffic Safety Fact Sheet.

At NYBC, we find this #1 and #4 designation unacceptable.

Our mission is simple – to bring about a day when bicyclists and pedestrians are safe, respected, and fully integrated into the traffic system.

Our means of accomplishing our mission is by assisting planners and transportation agencies in designing transportation corridors with Complete Streets principles, partnering with local advocates to bring attention and resolution to high-crash areas, educating motorists and law enforcement on bicyclist and pedestrian rights to the road, and working with legislators to enact laws that protect vulnerable road users and reduce preventable deaths and injuries.

We can’t do this without your support. Join NYBC today.

Your support funds:

  • Our Educational programs for bicyclists and pedestrians on their rights and responsibilities on the road
  • In-person conversations with law enforcement agencies about the vehicle and traffic statutes as they apply to bicyclists and pedestrian protections
  • Outreach to metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) about Complete Streets designs
  • Partnerships with local advocates around the state to support grassroots efforts to improve infrastructure and active transportation options in your community
  • Conversations with lawmakers to develop and enact life-saving legislation that protects vulnerable road users

Join NYBC in bringing about the day when bicyclists and pedestrians are safe, respected, and fully integrated into the transportation system.