Great News for NYC's Vision Zero Campaign

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Post By: jwilson
Posted On: June 20, 2014

New York City’s Vision Zero Campaign has just taken a huge step forward thanks to the NYS Legislature, which passed a bill allowing the City to lower speed limits to 25mph.

Over the past few years NYC Department of Transportation has embarked on significant initiatives to reduce speeding in the City, including reduced speed zones around schools and neighborhoods, traffic calming projects and public awareness campaigns. Coupled with these aggressive education and enforcement efforts, a lower city wide speed limit will save lives.

Federal Highway Administration data shows that people are 40% more likely to be killed with each 10 MPH increase in speed.

Over 16,000 pedestrians and cyclists were injured and over 175 were killed in NYC traffic in 2013. This bill gives NYC the opportunity to address these preventable crashes head-on through targeted speed limit reduction.

Over the past 6 months New York Bicycling Coalition worked with Tri State Transportation Campaign and Parks & Trails NY, our partners in the New Yorkers for Active Transportation coalition, along with many citizen advocates, to build support for this legislation and many other measures to improve equitable funding and policy for bicycle and pedestrian safety.