Advocacy: Expiring Earmarks Victory on Long Island

Expiring Earmarks Victory For Long Island!


NYBC’s successful Expiring Earmarks campaign is an example of an infrastructure based campaign that can succeed when an experienced statewide organization with a long track record of success focuses its resources on a specific outcome that is of significant value to the bicycle and pedestrian movement in New York State.   Please contact our Executive Director ([email protected]) with suggestions for future NYBC infrastructure campaigns.

– we did it!  Led by the recently departed NYBC Long Island Chapter coordinator Allison Blanchette, with a huge assist from ally Mike Vitti from CLIMB, we were able to help secure nearly $9 million in “new” funding for two important projects on Long Island –

Let’s also not underestimate the importance of a positive partnership NYBC has established with the leadership at NYS DOT, who not only engaged with us, but provided guidance for the difficult task of pulling together a list of earmarks for potential swapping.

NYBC Board member Dan Flanzig said, “We want to thank elected officials along with our partners in local and county government across Long Island, and especially the leadership of the New York State Department of Transportation, for both identifying and then including these two projects in the federal package. These bicycle and pedestrian projects respond to the growing interest in and demand for active transportation projects that respond to Long Island’s need for more and safer bicycling, pedestrian and trail projects. We hope this is just the beginning in meeting this need.”

Now the question is – what’s next, Long Island?

And what about establishing a second regional NYBC chapter in New York State to work on this kind of infrastructure related advocacy, along with education and awareness?   Send us your ideas!