Women Bike Webinar: Getting More Moms and Families on Bikes

Josh Wilson
April 4, 2013

Research consistently shows that women shoulder more of the household responsibilities, including childcare and transportation. Whether running errands or shuttling kids, women often face additional considerations when it comes to getting around by bike. So join us for our next Women Bike webinar — April 11, from 3:00 – 4:15 p.m. EDT — as we [...]

How Much Driving Is Avoided When Someone Rides a Bike?

Josh Wilson
April 1, 2013

If Jane Doe rides her bike a mile to the post office and then back home, is it fair to assume she just avoided two miles of driving? And can we then assume that she prevented 2.2 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted? Photo: Bike Reviews That’s more or less the way most agencies calculate averted vehicle-miles traveled. [...]

Streetfacts: Bike Lanes Aren’t Just for Big Cities

Josh Wilson
March 30, 2013

Welcome to the first of five shorts we’re calling Streetfacts. With Streetfacts, we’ll be highlighting developing trends affecting transportation and planning policy, as well as addressing the cost of “bad practices” that prevent us from shifting to a more balanced transportation network that supports more livable places. As Streetfilms viewers know, many of the big cities [...]

Congress to U.S. DOT: The Roads Aren’t Safe Until They’re Safe For Everyone

Josh Wilson
March 29, 2013

Yes, traffic fatalities have been (mostly) going down, but as long as cyclist and pedestrian fatalities keep going up, we can’t truly say our streets and roads are getting safer. That’s the message from 68 members of Congress to one pretty receptive audience: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. Lawmakers say states should be making sure their streets [...]

On North American Streets, Space for Bikes Is Right There If You Want It

Josh Wilson
March 25, 2013

The "arrogance" of car-centric engineering would assume these overly wide lanes can never be narrowed. Experience from Copenhagen shows otherwise. Image: Copenhagenize Imagine how the sheer amount of space given over to cars in North American cities must look to someone from a place with real multi-modal streets. To Copenhagenize‘s Mikael Colville-Andersen, the word that comes [...]

Women’s (Bike) History Month: Barbara McCann & Complete Streets

Josh Wilson
March 24, 2013

Guest post by Stefanie Seskin, Deputy Director of the National Complete Streets Coalition Complete Streets. The phrase feels so natural and obvious now, almost as though it appeared in our vocabulary one day, a happy accident of words. But without the tireless efforts of Barbara McCann over the last decade, the entire Complete Streets movement is [...]

Study: Car Commuters Put on More Weight Than Active Commuters

Josh Wilson
March 23, 2013

Going to the gym may not be enough to keep off the pounds if you drive to work. That’s the result of a study published recently in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Bike commuters gain less weight than car commuters, an Australian study found. Image: Bikes Belong According to an Australian research team, active commuting [...]

Krugman: Costs of Driving Deserve Way More Attention

Josh Wilson
March 20, 2013

Two of the nation’s leading lefty commentators weighed in on transportation incentives last Friday, when both economist Paul Krugman at the New York Times and Matt Yglesias at Slate went on a congestion pricing kick. Krugman kicked things off by remarking that the surest way to reduce the costs imposed on society by drivers is to [...]

March Webinar: Handing over the keys—Building leadership and excitement for walking and bicycling among high school students

Josh Wilson
March 19, 2013


Put high school students “in the driver’s seat” to promote walking and bicycling in your community.

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Women’s (Bike) History: Ellen Fletcher

Josh Wilson
March 19, 2013

Even at age 83, even suffering from lung cancer, Ellen Fletcher rode her bike to City Hall for a hearing on bicycle improvements this past summer. That was the level of dedication that made Fletcher not just a local hero, but a national inspiration. As a Gold level Bicycle Friendly Community, Palo Alto remains a [...]

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