Campaigns: Nelson Vails in Rochester to Support E-bikes

Olympic Silver Medalist Nelson Vails Visits Rochester and Buffalo to Promote Electric Bikes

Thanks to NYBC Board Member Theresa Bowick and her Conkey Cruisers crew for hosting Nelson Vails for a series of high visibility electric bike events in western New York.    We were fortunate enough to be on the Good Day Rochester TV show on Monday, the 26th, outlining our e-bike objectives and discussing all of the events.

The next big e-bike event will be hosted by Chris Nolte of Propel Bikes at his shop in Brooklyn on Monday, October 24 from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm. Representatives from NYC have been invited, along with local elected officials and the advocacy community.   Included in the program will be a presentation from NYBC of our first annual E-Bike Champion award to State Senator Martin Dilan. If you want to attend (bring your e-bike!) or have suggestions of folks who should be there, as we make the case for legalization of a 21st century green transportation option in NYC, please contact [email protected].

Surprisingly, there are elements within NYC government resisting e-bikes. In the next few months we intend to make a strong and compelling case for the importance of e-bikes as just another class of bicycle under NYS Vehicular and Traffic laws.