Bike & Pedestrian Projects Make the List of Newly Awarded Redevelopment Projects Across New York State

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Posted On: January 12, 2015

In early December Governor Andrew Cuomo announced $709.2 million in economic and community development funding awards through Round IV of the Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) initiative for 852 projects statewide, including a few exciting bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Walkway Over Hudson River

Walkway Over Hudson River

The Regional Councils were established in 2011 as the “centerpiece of the Governor’s strategy to jumpstart the economy and create jobs” through a “community-based and performance-driven” model. The initiative appointed community, business, and academic leaders, as well as members of the public in each region of the state, to serve on the Regional Councils and develop strategic plans that aim to take advantage of each region’s “unique strengths and resources.”  Through the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) process, municipalities can seek funding through multiple state sources for their projects, which are reviewed and prioritized by their respective REDC.

NYBC has long advocated for a predictable, dedicated source of state funding for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.  While the State does not necessarily provide access to a funding program administered by the NYSDOT in the CFA process, NYBC identified 24 projects (2.8% of the total) with specific bicycle, pedestrian and/or trails components (some more specific than others).  These projects – which include new on-road infrastructure, community-based planning, and trail connections – received roughly $6.5 million in state funding (approximately 1% of the total).

Here’s a few examples of how local governments are taking advantage of the REDC model and CFA process to plan and build new bicycle and pedestrian friendly community infrastructure…

Local Waterfront Revitalization Program – funds the planning, design and construction of projects to revitalize hamlets, downtowns and waterfront areas of designated municipalities.

  • Pittsford (Finger Lakes) – $177,250 for trail and park improvements to improve connections to the Erie Canal Path and Auburn Rail Trail
  • Wilmington (North Country) – will use a portion of a $290,923 award to construct new bike lanes on Springfield Road
  • Tarrytown (Mid-Hudson) – $47,300 to install a new bicycle/pedestrian bridge to accommodate a growing number of users and link paths along the Hudson River

Cleaner, Greener Communities Program – funds the implementation of initiatives and projects that encourage sustainability and smart growth while reducing carbon emissions, including active transportation projects that encourage a shift to biking and walking while reducing vehicle miles traveled.

  • Oswego (Central NY) – $225,000 for a Complete Streets plan to enhance community and regional access to the city center and encourage the use of active transportation such as walking and biking
  • Cortland (Central NY) – $39,000 for a City-wide Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Plan
  • Poughkeepsie (Mid-Hudson) – $250,000 for a projects to remedy transportation related barriers to revitalizing the historic business district, including Complete Streets designs and improved transit options

EPF Municipal Grant Program – funds the acquisition, development and planning of parks and recreational facilities on state lands, including bicycle and pedestrian trails

  • Stillwater/Saratoga County (Capital Region) – $98,942 to construct a multi-use trail that will connect the Town of Stillwater, Battlefield Park and Old Champlain Canal trail systems
  • Glen Cove (Long Island) – $300,000 to redevelop a blighted area to include new parkland, recreational assets, and improved pedestrian and bike connections between the waterfront, downtown and residential areas.

Market New York – funds regionally themed projects to bolster tourism growth by promoting destinations, attractions, and special events.

  • Windham (Capital Region) – $247,875 to promote and market the 2015 Windham Mountain Bike World Cup, an event that is part of the most elite bike series in the world, and promote the Windham region as a premier cycling destination.
  • Walkway Over the Hudson (Mid-Hudson) – $189,000 for wayfinding signage infrastructure and promotion to encourage 700,000 annual visitors to patronize business districts and attractions in the region
  • Scenic Hudson (Mid-Hudson) – $100,000 to build ADA accessible train station facilities and an accessible trail connecting to Hudson Highlands State Park, as well as new bicycle parking

Community Development Block Grant Program – provides small communities and counties with funds to undertake activities that focus on community development needs, including local transportation infrastructure.

  • New Square (Mid-Hudson) – $400,000 to replace 1,900 linear feet of sidewalk in the Village.