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Posted On: January 30, 2012

Harvey Botzman’s Testimony at the Joint Legislature Finance Committee’s Hearing

For the past 25 years Harvey Botzman has been actively involved in the local Rochester bicycle club as well as the Coalition. Nineteen years ago he began writing and self-publishing bicycle tour guide books. Four of his seven books detail routes in New York State: ‘Round Lake Ontario: A Bicyclist’s Tour Guide, 3rd Edition, Erie Canal Bicyclist & Hiker Tour Guide, 3rd Edition, Finger Lakes Bicyclist’s Tour Guide, 2nd Edition, and ‘Round Lake Erie: A Bicyclist’s Tour Guide, 2nd Edition. In addition to his bicycling and writing activities, Mr. Botzman is actively involved in attracting tourists to New York State by serving on the Canal New York Marketing and Business Alliance, Inc. Board of Directors and as a member of the organizing committee for the New York State Travel and Vacation Association, Inc. Empire State Tourism Conference Committee.

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Harvey Botzman’s testimony at this Joint Legislature Finance Committee hearing reflects the New York Bicycling Coalition’s position. This testimony has neither been discussed nor approved by either the Canal New York Marketing and Business Alliance, Inc. or the New York State Travel & Vacation Association, Inc. Boards, of Directors.

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