We are very grateful for our growing collaboration with the NYS DOT.   We told you in the Feb e-News about the input NYBC is providing to the critically important every five year Strategic High Safety Plan (SHSP) – which includes recommending making 3’ Safe Passing a Priority Program Area!    Now there is more to report on another initiative that we are collaborating on:

Empire Trail – In the 1990’s NYBC’s Board (Ivan Vamos and others) played a prominent role in the identification and eventual designation of New York Bikes Routes (NYBR) through the state.   NYBR 9 is included in the grand Empire Trail proposed by Governor Cuomo, and thanks the jurisdictional review process several decades ago the path is clear for this important bike tourism corridor to become U.S. Bike Route 9 and the first component in NYS to be a part of the National Bike Route System.

NYBC will be working with key NYS DOT staff to make this happen (an application to AASHTO), with a key assist from our colleagues at the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) who have been working diligently for years to build out the national bike route system.

LAB Bike Friendly State Ranking – the League of American Bicyclists JUST released their new bike friendly ranking application and NYBC will be working closely with busy staff at NYS DOT to prepare the strongest possible application with the goal of moving our state up from its current middling ranking of 29.   A state’s Bike Friendly ranking is a key indicator that industry, and talented young adults entering the workforce, take in to consideration, when making decisions about where to work or to  locate a business.