ADVOCACY: E Bike Demo in Albany 5.24

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Posted On: May 26, 2017

The E Bike Demo that NYBC sponsored and executed on The Plaza, Albany last Wednesday the 24th was a great success. We had 20+ members actually ride on the e-bikes, and we had at least that number of legislative staffers riding as well.  Most members and staff thought e-bikes were motorized scooter or mopeds.  There were a lot of smiles and laughing.  They were encouraged to play around with the bike and then ride.  And at the end of almost every ride, the universal conclusion was, “an e-bike is just like a bike.”  The legislation that was out there was discussed and we showed them the different classes of bikes.  It seemed that folks were more interested in the low speed e-bike bill sponsored by Assembly member Perry and State Senator O’Mara.

We also had a handful of Albany police officers stop by and check out the bikes.  They were very interested and wanted to ride them, but did not want to get in trouble.  All said that they would like to have these for their bike patrols.

The Legislative staffers that stopped by were key. Most important was the team leader that oversees the Transportation Committee staff.  He got on one earlier in the day and had some fun.  All of the Assembly Codes staff tried them out.  Same outcome.  The deputy secretary for transportation, who reports to the Governor also came out and rode.  We have been talking about e-bikes in conjunction with the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal which spans the width of NYS.  All mentioned that we will be hearing from other Executive staff to discuss e-bikes further; a great development.

There was a ton of press, see all of the links to date below for further review. After it was all over, we went on Capital Tonight to tape an interview on e-bikes. Overall, a resounding success for the passage of some form to legalize E Bikes in NYS.



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