ADVOCACY: 2017 Legislative Session Updates

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Post By: NYBC
Posted On: March 18, 2017

With the State Legislature in Albany back in session, 3’ Safe Passing  and the legalization of Electric Bikes  still lead our legislative agenda.  Please visit the respective pages of these campaigns at our website.

HOWEVER, this month we are please to announce two new important additions:

Crash Not Accident – our colleagues at Transportation Alternatives (TA) have FOR YEARS led a campaign to change flawed language in various state regulations.   Specifically, the idea is to replace the word “accident” to ‘crash” to reflect what really happens when a moving vehicle hits a bicyclist or pedestrian!   We know from meetings with leadership at the Department of Motor Vehicles, the agency that serves as a conduit for NYBC’s GTSC funding, that they are in favor of this important clarification.   

Assemblywoman Pat Fahy will be introducing a Crash Not Accident Bill in this session,  and NYBC’s board of directors, working closely with TA, are seeking a Senate sponsor for this simple but important bill that has ZERO budgetary implications.   As soon as a Senate Sponsor is identified, look for a Voter Voice campaign at our website in order to channel the energy around the state in support of this bill.

2)  Mandating a Bike-Ped Question In NYS Licensing Exam – did you know that three quarters of the twenty questions that rotate on this exam, for both new and renewing drivers, are required by legislative mandate?   Did you also know that despite NYS having the WORST ranking for bicycle and pedestrian crashes in the nation that not one of the mandated questions relates to bike-ped?    Thanks again to enlightened leadership at the Department of Motor Vehicles, the department has included a department bill in the Governor’s budget that mandates a bicycle and pedestrian related question in every exam.    We cannot underestimate the importance of this initiative.