Adirondack Recreational Trail Advocates (ARTA) pushes for 90 mile multi-use trail

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Posted On: February 23, 2012

The Adirondack Recreational Trail Advocates (ARTA) is a citizen activist group that has a clear cut mission to convert 90 miles of former railroad line to a world-class bikeway, stretching from Old Forge to Lake Placid. The group aims to create one of the most impressive bike paths through some of the most beautiful landscapes in New York State.  The trail would be usable year-round and would prove ideal for hiking, strolling, birding, sports training and handicapped use, and for greatly improved snowmobiling in the winter. In essence, ARTA seeks to make the Adirondack Park a mecca for biking. Not only would it be the East’s premiere wilderness bikeway, providing a safe and easy route through some of nation’s finest lake-forest-and-mountain landscapes, but it would also connect with hundreds of miles of quiet, well-paved backcountry roads, with little traffic and abundant scenery, in the northern portion of the Adirondack Park.

ARTA has recently commissioned a study by the Rails to Trails Conservancy to determine the cost of converting the rail line to a recreational path, based on comparable rail trails elsewhere. The study will be completed in the middle of June. Meanwhile, ARTA has already signed up more than 3,000 supporters, many of them bicyclists. The base for the trail is already in place and has been since 1892–the bed for the Adirondack Division of the New York Central Railroad. Now it’s just a matter of removing and salvaging the tracks, and providing a smooth, stone dust surface.

NYBC encourages New York State Bicyclists to support ARTA’s movement to develop a world-class bike trail through the breathtaking landscapes of the Adirondack Park. 

Join the Movement and help ARTA establish one of the best potential bike trails in the state.

Check out their Web Site for more Information