Bike Friendly Winery

UPDATE JUNE 2017: NYBC Announces that Atwater Estate Vineyards, located in Burdett, is our newest member of the Bike Friendly Program!! Stop by and say hi, and thank them for their support this year!

UPDATE DECEMBER 2016: NYBC Announces that Boundary Breaks Vineyard is our  newest member of the Bike Friendly Program. Look for them to host our Fall 2017 Cycle NY ride in the Finger Lakes.

UPDATE: NYBC Announces More Wineries Join the Bike Friendly Program

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of our “super volunteer” Peter Masse, we are adding two new wineries to our growing list of vineyards who are committed to you, the bicycle tourist. They are Lakewood Wineries and Bet the Farm Winery. They have fix it stations, bike racks, parking and hospitality facilities to meet the needs of touring cyclists. When you are choosing a launching off point for your next ride in the Finger Lakes, please go and support these wineries who want your business!


NYBC Announces New Bike Based Tourism

Initiative With Finger Lakes Wineries

Across the country, bicycle and pedestrian tourists are making significant contributions to local economies. In New York alone, bike based tourism accounts for over $40 Million in dedicated tourism generated dollars. In some areas, the contribution made by these non‐motorized tourists can be as much as tourists using motor vehicles. Studies show that where bicycle and pedestrian tourism is fostered and promoted, and where investments are made in bicycle and pedestrian facilities, the economic impact may be even greater. A thriving bike based tourist industry, in turn, can attract and revitalize businesses, create jobs, and increase public revenue. Often, bicycle tourism takes place with a fraction of the cost in upgrades to facilities or infrastructure versus potential revenues. Communities that embrace and encourage bicycle‐ and pedestrian‐based tourism can expect these benefits:

  • Positive contribution on the local economy while branding themselves as “eco” and “bike‐friendly”;
  • An improvement in public health by providing opportunities for physical activity;
  • Negligible impact upon the visual landscape, an absolute positive for bike tourists;
  • A scale of travel that can enhance the quality of life within the community.
  • The ability of tourism regions to attract tourists depends to a great extent on the position of these destinations in the minds of bike based tourists who are looking for their next great ride. In their minds, they want to support bike friendly establishments who offer the following attributes which will not only enhance the wineries’ viability but also offer these tourists with a reason to stop by sample and buy your wines:
  • Ample Bike Racks on property;
  • Remote parking lot where cars can be left (with allowable exclusion days during busy times);
  • Restrooms;
  • Water available to fill up water bottles, packs or consumption;
  • Tire Repair Kit & Tire Pump.

To date, the following wineries have signed up for this exciting new collaboration:

CLR monogram_blue_name

Chateau Lafette Reneau, 5081 NY Route 414, Hector, NY 14841


Glenora_Logo PNG 300 DPI

Glenora Wine Cellars 5435, NY Route 14, Dundee, NY 14837


4 16 12 Knapp Logo_3

Knapp Winery and Restaurant, 2770 Ernsberger Road, Romulus, NY 14541



Sheldrake Point Winery, 7748 County Road 153, Ovid, NY 14521



Wagner Vineyards, 9322 State Route 414, Lodi, NY 14860



Bet the Farm Winery, 381 Main Street, Aurora, NY 13026



Lakewood Vineyards, 4024 State Route 14, Watkins Glen, NY 14891


boundary breaks

Boundary Breaks Vineyard 1568 Porter Covert Road Lodi, NY 14860



Atwater Estate Vineyards 5055 NY Route 414 Burdett, NY 14818


If you are interested in this new and exciting marketing tool, please get in touch with us and download the form for completion. On the form, it will advise what you need to do to become “bike friendly.”