Cycle NY

LI RIDE #2    GROUP SHOT#1   peter, meg and jim

What could be more fun than to hang with the Board and Staff members of NYBC? CycleNY is a series of rides that we coordinate across the state to combine the two things that we love most – riding bikes and advocating for safer biking in New York! The registration fees for these rides directly support our advocacy efforts. Join us for fun rides, updates on what NYBC is doing for you and of course, fabulous food and libations afterwards. A great way to network and support us!! With two successful rides behind us (Finger Lakes and Long Island), NYBC is poised to grow our list of rides and regions to 8 next year.

The Role of Clubs and Organized Major Bike Rides:

Our twice a year member and donor campaigns have traditionally been the means for attracting the unrestricted funds needed to pay for advocacy.   While we are able to garner some support in a very busy, competitive and noisy on-line environment of emails and mass mailings, we need to initiate other approaches to meet the challenge of supporting our ambitious advocacy activities.

This is where clubs and major bike rides across New York State come in to the picture.  We will work with you to either organize a ride dedicated to raising funds for the kind of advocacy outlined above, or we can work with an existing major ride to integrate a check off or percentage of the sign-up that is dedicated to supporting NYBC’s core advocacy mission.   These rides can bring together all kinds of bicyclists in a particular region – road to mountain, racers to weekend warriors – and give folks an opportunity to meet while also learn about NYBC’s work.  We can involve your local hospitality industry to make these rides a celebration – including food and drink at the beginning and the end, activities for kids, raffles and other giveaways.


The Problem With Advocacy –

If NYBC does not do it then who else will?

Ironically, the work to create a safe and shared environment for bicycling is the hardest kind of activity to secure funds for. You generally can’t just write a grant to do advocacy, or perform fee for service work that generates a steady source of revenue for this critical activity. Advocacy is not “sexy” and often times requires us to be critical of the very organizations that fund us. The cherry on top is that the results of our advocacy work, if we are fortunate enough to “win”, are often hard to see in a very tangible or immediate way.

Steering the large ship of New York isn’t easy and can’t be done quickly. It takes a long and concerted effort that begins with our advocacy work. Pushing for policy changes that lay the groundwork for long term change is the very heart of this organization, yet the hardest work for us to secure funding for. CycleNY is our way of bringing bike riders from across the state together to enjoy the activity we all love so much, while also funding some of the “dirtiest” work we do.