3 ft Passing Law


3 feet when passing


This is year two of this important campaign, which has attracted and continues to attract more attention from our constituency than any other campaign in recent years!   Keep those emails, letters, phone calls, tweets and posts coming in, following the guidance on this page.   We have the same sponsors in each house and a lot of POSITIVE movement on this issue in 2017:

  • A new campaign page on the Transportation Alternative website – please add your name! so we can reach our goal of 5,000, at which point we will have a major media event in the State Capitol.
  • Thanks to NYBC’s participation in the current NYS DOT update to the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP), 3′ Safe Passing is now a Priority Program Area within the SHSP – a huge recognition of the mainstreaming of this campaign.

Update: Victory is in sight!

We gave it our all and got close to successfully improving laws and safety for citizens and visitors who bike in New York – but once again, the NYS legislature has closed shop in Albany and gone home for the summer failing to do the right thing for bicyclists. We are not deterred! We got so close and we know with the additional supporters who stepped forward that we will succeed in the next legislative session. Planning and preparing for this victory starts today, with you and all of us working together.  Please show your support of New York Bicycle Coalition today as we start preparing to win in the next legislative session.

To review, New York Bicycle Coalition (NYBC) did energize and mobilize thousands of New Yorkers to advocate on our two major legislative campaigns: a 3 Feet Safe Passing law and legalizing Electric Bikes to expand opportunities to ride for thousands more New Yorkers. Our efforts created a 21st century state-wide electronic civilian army of active transportation supporters who emailed, phoned, tweeted, posted, retweeted and re-posted in the tens of thousands! Many Legislators commented that they had never seen such a robust cycling advocacy campaign and that we are becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Our efforts resulted in the New York Senate approving the 3’ passing law amendment.  The New York Senate also passed a one class electric bike bill.

However, the New York State Assembly failed to pass these two bills.  We are angry and determined more than ever to right this wrong!  Legislators know that we will be back!, bigger and better than ever for the next Legislative session.  We will be back because we are in the right and it is not a matter of whether we will move our state’s elected officials to support these inexpensive and common sense laws – it’s a matter of when! With your support today, we will make certain it is sooner and not later!

Campaigns like a 3 Feet Safe Passing, Electric Bikes, Amtrak Bikes on Board, and others, both legislative and infrastructure related, require financial support from bicyclists like you!    That is YOU and you know who you are.   There is no foundation or corporate grants for advocacy – just bicyclists like you who know how important safety and health are to our state.