We work on a variety of campaigns each year, and we set our campaign priorities each fall for the following calendar year. Campaigns are both legislative (e.g, 3′ Safe Passing and Legalization of Electric Bikes) and infrastructure related (for example, expiring earmarks for bike-ped projects around the state). We want to hear from NYBC members and supporters what you think about our campaign priorities!

3 ft Safe Passing Law

Find out about 3' Safe Passing and how you can get involved


NYBC believes that all people should be able to enjoy bicycling. Electric bikes could revolutionize tourism in New York and increase the numbers of older enthusiasts who need "alittle" assistance in challenging terrain.

Bikes On Board Trains

NYBC is a huge champion of bike based tourism. Bikes on Board just makes sense for those wanting to leave the city and enjoy a weekend in the country, upstate, with their bike.