Vision:  In New York State, bicyclists are safe, respected, and fully integrated into the transportation system. Bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers safely co-exist on our roadways; bicycling infrastructure is accessible and well-connected; and New York State is a leader in multi-modal transportation and bicycle tourism.

Mission:  New York Bicycling Coalition advocates for pro-bicycle policies and funding at all levels of government; educates New Yorkers about bicycle safety and the benefits of bicycling; provides technical assistance and support to advocates and government entities; and promotes bicycle tourism across the state.

Guiding Principle:  NYBC serves the State of New York and its residents by providing a clear and consistent voice for the interests of people who ride bikes and by promoting the safe use of the bicycle as an important mode of transportation, sport, recreation, health, environmental protection, energy conservation, tourism and economic development.


I.  Increase the political power and strength of the organization by enlisting as large a membership as possible, and determine the needs of our members to improve membership experience

II.  Develop and promote a statewide bicycle safety campaign aimed at encouraging mutual respect between motorists and bicyclists and shared responsibility for complying with vehicle and traffic laws

III.  Engage with law enforcement agencies to encourage improved enforcement of traffic laws and education of all road users to prevent crashes between bicyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles

IV.  Develop and facilitate a statewide bicycle law resource center to provide legal advice and online resources for bicyclists across the state.

V.  Advocate for consistent state policies, planning and funding for bicycle, pedestrian and trail infrastructure projects, and support legislation to improve the safety of bicyclists and other road users

VI.  Assist in the growth and development of local advocacy groups already in existence and facilitate the formation of new local advocacy groups where they don’t yet exist

VII.  Promote bicycle tourism through our comprehensive online calendar of bicycling events and by providing technical assistance to tourism promotion agencies across New York State

VIII.  Advocate for roll-on bicycle service on New York’s Amtrak corridor routes connecting large population centers with upstate bicycle tourism destinations via affordable, accessible rail transportation