The New York Bicycling Coalition (NYBC) is the premier resource for bicycling advocacy and information in New York State.

NYBC’s mission is to provide a voice for bicyclists throughout New York State whether you use a bicycle for daily transportation, ride on- or off-road, ride for recreation or take part in races. We represent the interests of all bicyclists, and envision a future where bicyclists feel safe, respected, and fully integrated into the transportation system.

Our staff and board work hard every day to make New York a more bicycle-friendly state. NYBC is developing Regional Chapters around New York who serve as points of contact.

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NYBC's vision incorporates all of our bike related goals for New York State.


Meet the committed people behind NYBC working to advocate for the interest of all bicyclists in New York State.

NYBC Regional Chapters

NYBC is moving towards a grassroots paradigm - developing Regional Chapters to address the specific needs of the area.

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