3' Safe Passing and E-Bikes Campaign - August Updates

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Post By: NYBC
Posted On: July 28, 2017

Electric Bikes 

As other states legalize e-bikes and move past New York to become hubs for 21st century green human powered transportation, a key committee in our state legislature continues to fiddle.  Believe it or not, next session marks the fourth year for this campaign!

Once again, the New York State Senate gets it that electric bikes expand the population of folks who can experience the job of cycling (e.g.  disabled, older, less physically fit New Yorkers). But again, the roadblock is in the NYS Assembly! Stay tuned this fall when we reveal a new strategy to get e-bikes across the finish line, including a new NYBC campaign page with our own e-bike petition.


3′ Safe Passing 

This campaign will not be over till the Vulnerable Road Cyclist Sings! We hear NYC DOT is about to announce its support for 3’ Safe Passing.   We know, because we were involved in the work group that is updating the State Highway Safety Plan, that NYS DOT strongly considered making 3’ a Priority Area.

The State Senate will do its job next session and pass 3’.  The State Assembly where, for some unknown reason, leadership on a key committee won’t allow an up or down vote on 3’, will come around eventually… especially if the statewide bike community makes its wishes known. Sign the petition on the TA website! And buy our beautiful 3’ Jersey, the proceeds of which fund this important campaign.


(image via Momentum Mag)