2018 NYS Legislative Update

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Post By: Laura
Posted On: January 8, 2018

The 2018 New York Legislature is now in session! Our three campaigns remain 3′ Safe Passing, legalization of Class 1 E-bikes and Bikes On Board Amtrak intrastate trains, which are managed by NYS DOT. NYBC submitted its annual testimony to the Assembly Transportation Committee’s annual hearing regarding NYS DOT’s Capital Budget. We emphasized diligence and discipline when it comes to implementing mandated Complete Streets design in the planning, design, maintenance, and reconstruction of New York State’s vast road system. Read our testimony here: NYS Assembly Testimony Transportation Committee

NYBC supports a 3′ Safe Passing Distance bill this legislative session. This bill has been voted on favorably in the Senate in past sessions, but it has stalled in the Assembly. NYBC is still collecting signatures to present to Assemblymember David Gantt, Chair of the Assembly Standing Committee for Transportation, encouraging him to allow this bill to come up for a vote. Sign the petition today.

NYBC is engaged with the NYS legislature to craft a bill that will successfully legalize Class 1 pedal-assist E-bikes in the state. This legislation is critical to clarifying the vehicle and traffic statutes to ensure that anyone can ride a bicycle regardless of age, physical challenge, or cargo load. Help make E-bikes legal by signing our petition.

NYBC led a successful campaign to bring Bikes on Board Amtrak interstate trains and has refocused on securing access for bicycle travel on intrastate (within the state) trains. This will further expand access and opportunities to travel around New York State for business or leisure with a bicycle. More information on this campaign is coming soon.

NYBC continues to work on these critical issues with State legislators, but we can’t truly impact change without you.  Find your Senator and Assemblyperson and write them to support 3′ Safe Passing Distance and legalizing class 1 pedal-assist E-bikes. Share our petitions widely. Thank you for your continued support!